This our first game ever! Mission:Sacrifice is a "fun" game of exploring, shooting, and jumping. The Fate of the Mankind is in your hands!

(We put most of our budget to soundtrack and emotional ending).

Hope you like it! 


WSAD - movement

Left Click - laser

Right Click - Fireball

Shift - Sword


walljumping sometimes bugs

crouching is not possible near wall

it can teleport you to different checkpoint

made by SmallGardenStudios,
programming, git support - L. Dulik
level design, design, dubbing - H. Plasek
graphics, audio - O. Machu)


music by:  Andrew Pharlow

LunalLander by: Frigadae

Speedrun leaderboard: (if you have great time, send me a screenhot)

Hitorai: 182s

Alcus: 184s

Metty2549: 191s

Kuky: 567s

KubkoTarabus: 1500s


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Windows Dowload 24 MB
Linux Download 89 MB
Mac Download 30 MB


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We will add your photo or sound into the game!

Its simple, and awesome! What are you waiting for? 


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Also, how are you supposed to get to the second button. You can't crouch when jumping or on a wall

This game is not "awesome". It is too easy to not be able to jump onto something and fall down, or hit something and not be in the right position to hold onto the platform you are trying to jump on and also fall down and die. Also, some of the assailants appear to be invincible.


It's brilliant game guys. Really fun.